A free live virtual travel platform that grows into a large community in four months

Live guided tour in Amsterdam with expert guide Stephan van der Meer on Viewpal.

A virtual travel platform creates a great community and helps people during crises

UNITED STATES, March 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s been almost four months since Viewpal was born into this global “meta” reality. Alexandros Frydas, one of the co-founders of the company, tells us: “I am so happy and moved. We are building something beautiful. Viewers learn from the guides but also from each other. They take so many beautiful photos (snapshots) and share them with the community and the world. More importantly, they show their support in crucial moments, like the Ukraine crisis.”

When the crisis in Ukraine occurred, we immediately took the initiative to contact our guides and ask them to join us in supporting those in need and their responses were more than favorable. In less than a day and in such a short time, together with the guides, we managed to organize five live virtual tours. In less than 12 hours, our community traveled virtually to Hue-Vietnam, Zadar-Croatia, Santorini-Greece, Bucharest-Romania and Galicia-Spain. Our guide in Amsterdam asked us to donate all the advice he collected in February to the Ukrainian Red Cross and our guide in Edinburgh started creating and sending bespoke video stories at the request of viewers on the history of Edinburgh (and not only) to all those who would like to donate to “Save the Children of Ukraine”. Our guide in Romania took her virtual tour to support the Ukrainian Red Cross on a snowy evening and spoke to viewers about the dictatorship in Romania. Despite the weather conditions, he showed such professionalism and dedication in the effort to help and support the innocent civilians caught up in this tragedy. Many people in the community helped us spread the word and contributed by sharing tours and tipping (tipping) those tours. Even a small amount can still make a difference. All tips collected during the March 1 rounds were donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

It’s moving to see how something that started during the pandemic has grown into such an active community supporting those in need. The passion for travel was what brought viewers and guides together and during these difficult times, their humanity united them under one cause.

We hope to make our community a place where the world is redefined through connection. Stories are all we have, best shared.

Viewpal is your new friend to see the world and connect with it.
Designed to serve as a meeting point for people who want to share and connect while traveling around the world, Viewpal is a new online live streaming platform that offers virtual interactive experiences, tours and trips.

How it works
• Expert tour guides lead virtual tours and live interactive events.
• It’s free to join.
• During a live visit, you can:
– chat with other guests in real time
– ask questions and give instructions to the guide
– take snapshots (photos) and share them with your friends, family or other “Viewpals” on social networks
– support local tour guides around the world by tipping them
By joining Viewpal, you can connect with new people and become part of a huge global community without borders.

About Viewpal: Viewpal.com is a new online platform that offers live interactive experiences with hosts around the world. Our mission is to inspire and rekindle curiosity about the world we live in, through a seamless online experience, connecting people, stories and destinations.

Poulios Christos
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What is Viewpal? A live streaming platform for guided tours.

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