Best resources for great flight and hotel deals

Are you tired of missing out on those hotel and airline deals that everyone seems to grab before they even know they exist? While there are many resources to help expose pricing and offer errors, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some of the best sites that could increase your chances of catching the ever-elusive mistake fare or one-time deal.

The flight offer

If you’re looking for a place to start looking for deals, The Flight Deal is a great resource. More than just alerting consumers to pricing errors, they display the latest airline deals and promotions. They also provide advice on how to take advantage of the deals. For example, Orbitz or other online travel agents sometimes offer a lower price than the airline itself.

Additionally, The Flight Deal also serves as a search engine for car rental and hotel deals so travelers can maximize frugality on every aspect of travel. This site also launched a brand new feature that helps consumers compare travel credit card offers. Search by destination or by points currency to find an itinerary that works for you and your rewards program.

The flight offer is basically a one stop shop for advice, deals and building a great itinerary. The flight deal focuses on major US cities, including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

Alert on tariff offers

The tariff offer alert is another great online resource. It’s also set up almost identically to The Flight Deal (in fact, it’s their sister site). You can search for airline tickets, hotels, cars, and the best personal and business credit card deals from the homepage.

However, The Flight Deal is better for smart searches because it is easier to search on a specific location or point currency with The Flight Deal. IIf you just want to browse the latest deals, Fare Deal Alert is the place to do it. Fare Deal Alert focuses on major US cities, but not as big, like Atlanta, Detroit, and Denver.

Secret flight

The secret flight is another handy resource which is set up in a very user friendly way. Here you can browse the latest flight deals as well as the latest error fares. From the toolbar, you can search for deals and error rates to and from specific regions of the globe (such as flights from places other than the United States).

Additionally, Secret Flying publishes hotel deals and even travel-related publications like Lonely Planet Guides. You can directly search for a specific itinerary, which is very convenient as many travelers already have an itinerary in mind when looking for deals. This can help you find pricing errors that already relate to your plans. That way you might have a better chance of landing the offers before they expire.

Extreme hotel deals

Are you looking for a great hotel room? If that is the case, Extreme hotel deals always has your back. Browse the latest deals from their homepage or dig deeper to learn the ins and outs of finding deals. How do they do? This site is a repository of the latest point redemption offers, free credit offers, promotions, signup bonuses, and status match opportunities.

Designed by travelers who have spent their lives hacking the points and miles system, Extreme Hotel Deals features real-time deals and tutorials that show you how to get the most out of these deals. Not only will you have the opportunity to land a lot of things, but you will also learn a lot about how to do it again.


TravelPirates is a preferred resource for travelers around the world. With trendy vacation packages, this is another one-stop-shop for finding great travel deals. Not only can you book a flight and a hotel, but you can also book a vacation package or even a cruise. Search for your ideal vacation from the search bar or simply browse the best deals from the homepage.

Download TravelPirates application, create an account and select your preferred departure airport to receive alerts for offers related to your settings. If you want to be the first to know about pricing errors, the TravelPirates app is the way to go.

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