Credit without proof – Loan simulation without proof

Contrary to the so-called assigned credit, the credit without proof does not require to provide your bank or credit organization with invoices to justify your expenses. This is a personal loan easier to implement. If you make a home loan or auto loan, you will be asked to justify the expenses incurred.

Note : the amount of your credit without proof can reach 75,000 USD. Generally, it is capped at 21,300 USD. Generally, it does not last more than 5 to 7 years.


Why take a consumption credit without proof?

credit loan

To subscribe such a credit offers a greater freedom. In fact, with an assigned credit, you always have accounts to pay. By opting for the credit without proof, you use your money freely and can thus please you or put aside to be certain to have some money in case of a hard blow.


Who is this credit for?

This credit is for anyone over the age of 18 who needs money. Conso credit without proof enables everyone to give life to their projects. While some will use this money to travel and party, others will want to furnish their home. Still others subscribe to such credit to fund an event such as their wedding or honeymoon.


What impacts the price of your credit?

The price of a credit is affected by the interest rate. In fact, it is he who will determine the cost of your credit, it is always interesting to look, before signing, this rate and the total cost of credit. It is also the duration that will have an impact. Finally, borrower insurance is important even if it is not mandatory.

You can fill in the fields of our credit simulator to instantly get an estimate of future monthly payments of your credit without proof:

Example of credit simulation without proof : if you borrow 10,000 USD to finance your world tour, your monthly payments will amount to about 223 USD over 48 months with a fixed APR at 3.65% .


What are the conditions of acceptance?

If you wish to subscribe a non-voucher credit, you must submit a solid file to your bank. For this, it is important to answer a few criteria.

  • Have a stable job
  • To receive a regular salary
  • Avoid bank overdrafts
  • Do not accumulate debts
  • Have a good savings capacity
  • Do not be stuck at the Security Bond Bank


Compare for less pay

Compare for less pay

To limit the total cost of your credit without proof, it is necessary to compare online. This method allows in a few minutes to find the best offer that will allow you to finance all your projects without endangering your budget with too much monthly payments. Simply choose the amount to borrow and the duration and specify some personal data.


Find your credit without proof with Benny Slacks

With Benny Slacks, you are certain to find the credit conso at the best price. Our online comparator makes it possible to compare the rates of a large number of credit organizations to allow you to realize very beautiful savings. By finding the lowest rate, you can choose to limit the duration of your refund or lower your monthly payments.


All about credit without proof

All about credit without proof

Most consumer loans can be used as you wish, but in some cases they require you to purchase a specific type (auto, work …). Benny Slacks explains everything about credit without proof:

  • Assigned or unallocated credit, what are the different types of consumer credit?
  • What is credit without proof?

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