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Crypto-friendly travel platform Travala adds HBAR token as payment option

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By: David Pimentel

Cryptocurrency-enabled travel service has announced the addition of Hedera’s native HBAR token as a payment option to seamlessly book travel. is a cryptocurrency-enabled travel booking service with over 2,200,000 properties, over 400,000 activities in 230 countries and 600 airlines worldwide. The platform accepts over 50 major cryptocurrencies as well as traditional payment methods. AVA, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, enhances’s value proposition. The AVA token can be used for payments, receiving loyalty rewards, and obtaining discounts and bonuses, among several other use cases.

HBAR provides users with a secure, streamlined and energy-efficient (carbon negative) payment mechanism, eliminating network congestion and high gas fees typically seen with more mainstream tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum) while promoting finality of payment instant.

According to Travala, using HBAR as a payment method will allow travelers to use the asset to book flights, hotels and experiences on the platform while ensuring faster bookings at the best price with the lowest latency.

“The fact that Hedera is an enterprise-grade network is a perfect fit for a platform like Travala that requires significant throughput and scale,” said Elaine Song of the HBAR Foundation. “In a competitive market, Travala knows that reliable and fast transactions lead to an excellent user experience. Hedera is the ideal solution to meet this challenge.

“As we continue to expand our cryptocurrency accessibility network, we’re especially excited to integrate HBAR, along with Hedera, one of the fastest and most energy-efficient networks out there,” said Shane Sibley. , “HBAR accelerates the checkout process with its transaction speeds for reservations, creating a better user experience and a better journey for travelers.”

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