IDEMIA launches a new travel platform in North America

IDEMIA I&S North America announced the launch of a new travel platform, ID2Travel, in North America. ID2Travel is an interoperable traveler identity platform spanning the entire passenger facilitation ecosystem.

Based on identity management and biometric identification, ID2Travel is a passenger facilitation solution designed to enhance the traveler’s experience to deliver efficient, secure and frictionless travel. The platform is interoperable and can be deployed as part of the airport, airline, port or any travel-based infrastructure, or via the patented biometric capture solutions classified by the National Institute of IDEMIA standards and technology (NIST). The passenger’s experience from check-in and at each travel experience touchpoint uses proof of identity that leverages mobile enrollment with secure digital credentials on the traveler’s mobile device , biometric devices and back-end technology services.

Lisa Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Travel and Transportation, IDEMIA I&S North America, explained that before COVID, Americans made approximately 2.3 billion trips, over a one-year period, making it even more important than the passenger experience is even more frictionless and seamless as pre-pandemic travel patterns return.

Passengers can register using a mobile device from their home by scanning an ID or passport, then taking a selfie to make a 1: 1 match. Once submitted for registration, travelers will be able to use biometrics to move safely and easily through the airport to their boarding gate and beyond in their travel experience.

The IDEMIA solution also allows passengers to opt out and withdraw their registration at any time and all data is immediately deleted from the system, allowing the traveler to take full control of their Personal Identity Information (PII).

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