Modification of the reservation policy at Rhyl’s 1891 after “no show”

A CHANGE has been made to a restaurant reservation policy following a number of “no shows”.

From June 28, 1891, at Pavillon Rhyl asks all customers wishing to make a reservation at 1891 to include a valid credit or debit card number as part of their reservation.

Those unable to attend are kindly requested to notify the restaurant as soon as possible and there will be no charge.

For guests who do not show up and contact 1891 to cancel their reservation in advance, there will be a charge of £ 10 to cover costs.

Posting on Facebook, 1891 Rhyl said: “Unfortunately, the number of ‘no-shows’ we know in 1891 is becoming more and more common. Customers who reserve a table and do not show up have always been a difficulty faced by the hotel industry, but it has worsened since the reopening of the hotel sector.

“Restaurant planning, number of staff and food preparation / purchase are all determined by the number of reservations in our agenda, ‘no shows’ can be a very expensive experience for us and other places. similar.

“In addition to the challenges caused by the pandemic, customers who do not show up for their reservation are additional pressure that many businesses are struggling to overcome.

“We appreciate that there are only a small number of customers who fail to contact us, and we hope you will join us in defeating this practice, which is quickly becoming common in the hospitality industry.

“Thank you for your loyalty and support, we look forward to seeing you very soon at 1891.”

Denbighshire Leisure Ltd had no further comments at this time.

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