NTC Travel Platform Coin (NHA TRANG TRAVEL COIN) listed on Dexorca Exchange

Dexorca, a Dex hybrid global exchange, has officially announced that the NHA TRANG TRAVEL COIN (NHA TRANG TRAVEL COIN) coin will be listed on March 18th.

NTC has a foundation in Singapore, and it is a coin that can be paid on an optimized travel platform where you can enjoy various leisure activities such as resorts, hotels, casinos, golf and yachts at Nha Trang, the best resort in Vietnam.

Regarding the reason for the listing of NTC Coin, an official from Dexorka said, “After a thorough review of the growth potential of the NTC coin and the stability of the foundation, the listing of the NTC coin has been approved, what makes it different from the existing travel coin, and verification of local places to use the coin in Nha Trang has also been confirmed.

Furthermore, regarding the vision of the coin, which is the most important factor in Dexorca’s listing criteria, “the NTC coin has endless potential to expand into hotels, resorts, casinos and leisure in Nha Trang, which is becoming Asia’s largest vacation destination, so it will grow with Dexorca Exchange.

Meanwhile, NTC will first trade at 00:00 GMT on March 18, 2022 at $2, and before that, on March 14, it will become a $1 IDO on Dexorka Exchange.

An NTC Foundation official said, “We were looking for a safe Dex exchange that could reflect the needs of various foundations, including NTC’s global expansion, and protect low fees and, most importantly, user assets. In the meantime, Dexorca, the most advanced hybrid Dex exchange headquartered in Dubai, has been found fit to list on NTC. As it is the only exchange that can be traded in conjunction with the listing, we had no choice but to choose. This should be an exemplary win-win case for the exchange and the Coin Foundation.

Dexorca, a hybrid decentralized exchange, is expected to list many high-quality users and foundations with a good eco-environment, starting with the NTC coin.

It plans to establish an Asian headquarters in Nha Trang, which will oversee listing activities and technical support, to target the global market with the Dubai headquarters.

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