Online reservations now possible for thousands of immunocompromised Britons to receive third dose of Covid jab

Online reservations are now possible for a third Covid vaccine to be administered to tens of thousands of Britons living with serious health problems.

About 400,000 immunocompromised patients are eligible to receive slots for the next dose, which is different from a booster.


Immunocompromised patients now have the option of booking their third Covid jab online.Credit: Alamy

Indeed, immunocompromised people have not been able to generate a sufficient number of antibodies to fight Covid.

According to JCVI guidelines, patients with severe immunosuppression due to treatment for conditions such as cancer or those with long-term chronic conditions where their immunity has been affected by drugs are eligible for a second dose eight weeks after their first dose.

Three-quarters of severely immunocompromised people have had a third injection of Covid.

Adults eligible for a third dose of the drug and referred by their doctor can book an appointment online.

The NHS Covid-19 vaccine reservation service will offer an option. ‘reserve my 3e dose appointment ”.

Professor Stephen Powis, National Medical Director of the NHS, said: ‘NHS staff continue to deliver the first, second and third doses, to those who are eligible, in addition to giving around 14 million additional boosters. nine weeks.

“Decisions on when to receive a third dose remain between a patient and their clinician who is aware of their current treatment – more than three-quarters of severely immunocompromised people have so far received their third dose, and as of today” hui, people can also book online with a letter from their general practitioner or clinician.

“It is extremely important that people receive the recommended full cycle of Covid vaccines, especially those who are most at risk for the virus – boosters and third doses are not pleasant to have, they are the best way to protect yourself,” you and your loved ones this winter. “

Patients and their doctors decide when to receive a third injection for severely immunocompromised patients. Most third doses are given by hospital consultants or general practitioners.

JCVI guidelines state that the third dose should be given to patients with severe immunosuppression at least eight weeks after the first dose.

Myeloma UK, a charity that advocates for patients, has warned them they could miss crucial vaccines due to jab confusion.

Many patients are frustrated with the confusion – some of their vaccination statuses do not appear in their NHS app.

Others claim their third dose was mixed with a booster.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization said that a third dose should be given to those in that class at the time they received their first or second dose.

They explained that these people might not be able to fully respond to vaccinations and therefore are less protected than the general population.

“This offer is separate from any potential recall program. “

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