Real estate agencies: scam on all floors!

The association Good Finance conducted a survey of 1246 real estate agencies located throughout France. The result is without appeal! Two years after the application of the Alur law, nothing (or almost) has changed. E-Money sheds light on these fraudulent practices!

No transparency!


38% of agencies do not provide detailed information, if only on their rates. Yet it is a legal obligation. Agencies must inform their customers about their share of a transaction. Do not hesitate to make your voice heard …

More than one in three agencies does not clearly indicate information on the energy performance diagnostic (EPD) of the dwellings offered for rent. Yet the surge in energy prices makes this data particularly useful for future tenants who want to plunge into their future spending. More seriously, this figure has increased since the 2011 survey: 35% of agencies do not currently provide this information, compared with 28% five years ago.

Similarly, four out of five agencies (82%) do not comply with “detailed information” on rental fees, which must clearly indicate what is an agency fee and what is the inventory.

And about a quarter (26% vs. 21% in 2011) agencies “still do not display any information on fees in the shop window”, a legal obligation that is still 25 years.

Fees ceilings? What fee limits?


It must be said, 9 out of 10 agencies respect the legal ceilings renting charged to the tenant … Which still means that one out of 10 does not do it! And if we multiply by the number of real estate agencies in France, and the number of customers of each, it is still a lot of people who are having fun!

But even for agencies that scrupulously respect the law


Agency fees have not dropped as much as expected: agency fees have thus dropped “only 20% between 2011 and 2015, far from 50% promised “according to the survey of the Good Finance. Worse, they have even increased.

In addition, a large number of agencies do not hesitate to ask for many supporting documents, while the list is strictly defined. For example, know that the RIB, the family record book or the registration card are not part of it.

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