SAIJAI homecare launches online bookings in English in Bangkok and Phuket

SAIJAI, Thailand’s rapidly growing online homecare marketplace, has added an on-demand booking option in English. Greater Bangkok and Phuket are now the top two regions in the country where clients can tap into a wide selection of caregivers.

Services provided by SAIJAI include maids, babysitters, elderly care, tutors, drivers and home beauty. The pandemic has led to high unemployment in Thailand’s service sector, including hotels and restaurants. What has emerged is a broader sharing economy using digital platforms to enable Thais in many fields to work in the more flexible gig economy.

What inspired the start-up SAIJAI was the pressing need to fill the gap in home care services for busy individuals, couples or multi-generational families who did not want or need full-time staff. Daily needs change and often having a helping hand for a mom or dad juggling work and kids allows parents to focus on the most important parts of their lives.

While working from home is part of the new normal, space in people’s homes is a new luxury. SAIJAI with on-demand services can offer solutions ranging from simple tasks or areas of the home or condo that need special attention. Cleaning, tutoring, driving, and even pet care are available

SAIJAI launched nationwide services last year with a Thai-language platform, which is a pragmatic approach in a country of 69 million people. With growing demand in the domestic segment, the growing resource with over 1,500 caregivers now seeks to serve expatriate and overseas clients with its bilingual technology and staff.

With the Thai job market evolving with on-demand providers such as Grab, foodpanda, LALAMOVE and Bolt, workers are now finding that their job choices no longer need to be limited to one full-time employer. The ability to balance work, home, family and other responsibilities is creating an entirely new and mobile workforce in Thailand.

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