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Businesses can now expand their use of online platforms to book small meetings in creative venues, as they now have the ability to send messages directly to venues in real time and integrate compliance requirements.

Greg Oates, Skift

The future of meetings and events

The last few years have seen an increase in online platforms to book small meeting spaces in creative venues, including sites such as Bizly and Spacebase. They are designed to relieve the headaches associated with the manual request for proposal (RFP) process by offering instant direct booking capability and non-negotiable lowest rate guarantees.

“No one wants to use RFPs for small meetings today; they are universally hated by suppliers and buyers, ”Ron Shah, founder of Bizly, told me. “Suppliers typically have less than one percent conversion, and buyers always have to wait indefinitely to hear from them. And then there’s all this negotiation that has to be handled manually, whether by email, phone, or whatever. It just sucks for everyone.

However, corporate customers want additional personalization and compliance systems built into these platforms so they can be used enterprise-wide more often. Jumping on that, Shah relaunched an expanded Bizly website this month with a new instant messaging center, so planners can speak directly with site staff, and a new built-in compliance mechanism. This could potentially kill the RFP for hosting small meetings of less than 100 people. Read the full story of Skift here.

– Greg Oates, Meetings Editor

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