the world’s first social travel platform, launched in India

New Delhi [India], Aug. 27 (ANI / PNN): With the concept of bringing together social and travel at its heart, BidWings connects travelers directly with hotels. Travelers can choose from the many destination-specific hotels and book direct or connect with hotels for a personalized booking with just a few clicks and get the best deal. Due to the direct connection between hotels and travelers without any middleman, the hotel offer value and pricing become very transparent, making it a win-win for both parties. The social aspect of the platform is that it connects travelers around the world, allowing them to share and gain insight into travel experiences.

The ease and transparency of the platform ensures that hotels can deliver personalized deals and prices to their guests, just like a walk-in experience without any imposed constraints. The platform offers significant savings to hotels as they take bookings directly without paying huge commissions. The platform allows interested travelers to connect to hotels earlier in the guest’s booking decision process. Hotels can better understand the interests and requirements of customers before booking. It enables hotels to better serve their customers with the best and most relevant offers, resulting in high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Besides individual booking, BidWings is the only platform where group booking is possible thanks to its unique patented approach. It allows individuals, regardless of their location around the world, to come together and be part of a group booking, such as for a wedding, meeting or corporate event. The platform offers organizations and clubs the opportunity to become beneficiaries of Bid Wings and to use this group booking feature to their advantage.

What makes BidWings even more special is the “auction” part! The traveler can bid by requesting specific facilities (i.e. dedicated chef, breakfast, airport pickup, sea view, local experience, etc.) is finished ! It aims to make every hotel reservation special and specific to the traveler. Hotels can also respond with their own offer and delight their client. It is as simple and transparent as physically going and making a reservation at the reception or at the reception of the hotel.

These features and advantages give the hotel a competitive advantage over the competition. Hotels can now create unique packages with their local communities and provide travelers with personalized local experiences. This allows for greater engagement with the local community, leveraging local experiences and helping the local economy.

BidWings already has around 50,000 travelers and more than half a million hotels worldwide listed on its platform. It has over 9,000 hotels listed in India and over 1,000 hotels have signed up to accept offers and post rates directly using the free BidWings inventory management system. From luxury hotels to pocket hotels, you can find all the options on one platform.

The real value is when hotels know the requirements of a traveler and travelers can enjoy the hotel offerings without limits. BidWings is reinventing the hotel reservation experience.

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