Thousands of online reservations on ATHENS ‘On-Demand’ buses 9.84

Two thousand five hundred (2,500) online reservations were made in the space of two months by passengers of the pilot municipal bus line “Forest-Center of Haidari” thanks to the intelligent system program “SmartBUS”.

The online choice of itinerary and booking which started as a pilot last June by OASA in collaboration with the Municipality of Haidari not only found an impact on the passenger public but it was also decided to extend it for six months. At the same time, the Athens Urban Transport Organization is laying the foundations for extending the program to other municipalities.

Concretely, during the two months of pilot operation, 400 active user accounts were created, 2,500 seat reservations were made, 730 routes were made, while the control of compliance with the maximum authorized occupancy of vehicles was ensured. in 100% of SmartBUS routes.

This is the pilot application of the intelligent “SmartBUS” system for operating an “on-demand” bus line in public transport, with the possibility of route selection and reservation depending on availability. of the vehicle. The action is part of the wider plan for the digital transformation of Athens transport and the adoption of modern trends in urban mobility.

The “SmartBUS” application which was developed in the Android and iOS environment, in particular for the pilot program, introduced a series of innovations compared to the traditional model of transport service because through the application the user has had the opportunity:

– reservation with the possibility of choosing the point of departure, the destination and the time of departure and automatic control of the availability of the place and the reservation of the route or the proposal of an alternative route in the event of unavailability.

– real-time information on the location of the reserved bus and the exact time it will be at the stop, and

– display the history of the route / reservations and the reprogramming of the route.

At the same time, the system offered the possibility of managing telephone reservation requests for individuals who did not have access to the “intelligent” application.

“SmartBUS” is, among other things, an innovative solution to limit the spread of Covid-19 in the MMM because it offers the possibility:

– Real-time monitoring of embarkation, disembarkation and the number of occupants of the vehicle.

– Implementation and monitoring of compliance with measures to limit the maximum number of passengers per vehicle under Covid-19, via the automatic reservation system, based on the maximum number of passengers per vehicle.

According to the OASA administration, after the successful operation of the “on-demand” bus line, the Agency aims to

– In the extension of this project and in additional intra-municipal lines and local lines.

– The integration of new innovative features into the system, such as the optimization of routes based on reservations in the system, in order to meet demand with improved time distances, lower costs (less kilometers) and of course a smaller environmental footprint thanks to the reduction in CO2 emissions.

– the continuation of the cooperation with the municipalities in the model of the cooperation with the municipality of Chaidari for the use of SmartBUS and the improvement of the level of transport service at the local level.

G. Xifaras: Urban transport can and must play a leading role in the digitization of urban mobility

Transport Secretary General Giannis Xifaras, in a statement to the APE-MEP, stressed that one of the main objectives of the ministry is the full and smooth movement of citizens by public transport, noting that by focusing on With the possibilities offered by technology and the intelligence of transport systems, urban transport can and must play a leading role in the digitization of urban mobility.

“Our urban transport transformation plan,” added Xifaras, “aims to create smarter, more user-friendly and zero-footprint transport. The implementation and support by OASA of such an intelligent system for the operation of the bus line “on demand” in public transport, can contribute significantly to the more efficient service of the passenger public and to rational management of means of transport “.

N. Athanasopoulos OASA lays the foundations for smarter and more user-friendly transport

For his part, the CEO of OASA, Nikolaos Athanasopoulos, stressed that “the role of Athens urban transport in sustainable mobility is crucial and with the introduction of innovative applications in passenger transport, OASA lays the foundation for smarter and more user-friendly transport “and added:

“Undoubtedly, the implementation of such an ‘intelligent’ transport system can contribute significantly to improving the level of transport service at the local level and for this reason, the Organization aims to cooperate with d ‘other municipalities to extend the project to other lines. “.


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