You can get secret hotel deals if you book over the phone as desperate chains offer discounts they can’t advertise online

BEFORE you book your next hotel stay, it may be best to call them first.

Many are now offering deals and discounts to encourage people to stay, some of whom are not able to advertise online.


You could end up with a room upgrade, but only if you callCredit: © Bevan Cockerill. All rights reserved.

Some of the bigger and more luxurious hotel chains are unlikely to be able to advertise cheap deals online to avoid damaging their image as a luxury resort.

However, calling them may get you a better deal than usual as they seek to fill rooms after the lockdown.

Jane from HOSPA, who recently launched the Sleepover to Help Turnover program which offers freebies and discounts to hotel guests, told Sun Online Travel how to find a good deal after the lockdown.

She explained, “Families should look where they want to go and just call the hotel – they may have some great deals that they can’t make public but can give you.”

Asking for discounts over the phone rather than online can be a much better deal


Asking for discounts over the phone rather than online can be a much better dealCredit: Getty – Contributor

“You won’t find many big names running deals in the public space because they don’t want to damage their brand or bring their prices back to normal, but if you call them you can always get something even better. . “

She also explained that quoting Sleepover to Help Turnover will get you a good deal if the hotel has signed up for the program.

“Over 100 hotels are on the list,” she explained. “Some of them are chains too, so there is so much to choose from.”

The program, which allows hotels to sign up with their own deals or bargains, includes everything from free champagne to discounted dinner. to a free room upgrade.

You can stay in a hotel if you are in level 1 or level 2, but not if you are in level 3 in England.

Alcohol can also be served 24/7 due to a loophole in the latest government guidelines that require pubs and restaurants to stop serving before 11 p.m.

Here are some great Christmas and New Year’s deals for a stay this month, starting at just £ 35.

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